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Gnomes Accent Garden

Garden gnomes can be an intriguing addition to any garden or yard. When designing gardens or landscaping, people love to showcase their own personalities in the flowers and plants they choose, as well as in the other decorations and accessories. Birdhouses, birdfeeders, and birdbaths are all commonly found in gardens, but other statues can give the garden a certain uniqueness and flair that can help distinguish it from the many other gardens nearby. One of the great things about gardens is that they have a mysterious, natural feel about them that excites the imagination and leans toward the fanciful. Think of all the garden settings in books, plays, and movies that house magical creatures like gnomes, fairies, and angels. So, why not build your own garden of imagination and add garden gnomes to your garden?

The World of Garden Gnomes

There is such a wide variety of garden gnomes that you can add a number to your garden and have them all be distinctly different. The great thing about garden gnomes is that they often have a personality that is very evident in their facial expressions, stance, or clothing. They can be a conversation piece or merely a reflection of your childlike imagination. Whatever the reason you choose to add gnomes to garden, they are sure to be a fun complement.

If you do decide to use gnomes in your garden, look at a variety of options before you actually make your decision. You may decide that you want to use all the same kind of gnomes in your garden or you may want to vary it and have many different styles and looks. One of the great things about garden gnomes is that they are often very detailed, so they show a great deal of personality and uniqueness. You might see creases above the eyes, chin dimples, or a certain twinkle in the eye.

Forest gnomes are a popular choice, and these garden gnomes tend to be predominantly green or brown, especially in the color of the clothes. However, there are also garden gnomes with an antique ivory finish, giving very subdued color that does not stand out. Some gnomes are more realistic, looking more like actual people, while others are more fanciful and cartoon-like. Whatever the kind of gnome, these interesting little statues can really spice up a garden. You can choose sophisticated ones to accent your garden or humorous, silly ones to draw attention and act as conversation starters. It is up to you, so go find your garden gnome today.

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