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Garden Design: Consider Urns

Garden urns are a simple way to add unique design and personality to your garden. Because gardens are creations of each person's individual creative expression, the appearance of the final product can be widely varied. The gardens can be small and simple, a few flowers in pots around a deck or patio, or large plots that take up entire back yards. There are an endless number of factors that affect the personality of a garden. The first and most obvious component is clearly the plants the make up the garden. The size, the color, and the type of plants that grow in the garden reveal a great deal about the gardener. However, the general design and layout of everything and the inclusion of other garden decor like special pots and garden urns, birdbaths or birdhouses, fountains, garden lanterns, etc. also contribute to a garden's unique style.

Ideas for Garden Urns

There are many ways that garden urns can be used in your particular garden, and there are a variety of urns from which you can choose. Some garden urns are large and more ornate, standing tall like heavy goblets or vases, while other urns are smaller and more shallow. Some garden urns resemble big, oval-rounded pots, and others look just like ordinary flower pots.

An easy way to use garden urns to add style is to use them as planters for special plants or flowers that you want to emphasize. Especially if you choose the big, tall garden urns that look like vases or goblets, you can place them carefully at the corner edges of the garden as posts that designate the boundaries of the garden and give a sense of carefully-structured beauty. You can use these garden urns anywhere in your garden, however, to add a little variety among your ground-planted flowers.

A different way to use garden urns is as decorative pieces. Depending on the size and structure of the garden urns, you can use them to make your own custom birdbaths or open feeders. You can also turn them over, partially burying them, to give the impression of nature overcoming the man-made world. This can create a striking effect if it is done with precision and style. You may want to consider even planting some flowers in the dirt that covers the urns, making it appear like the urn turned over and now there are flowers growing in the dirt spilling out of it.

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