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Garden Design and Benches

Garden benches are a very popular and common garden decor element because they give people a place to sit and relax while enjoying the beautiful and peaceful scenery of a garden. Parks, though not often considered gardens, usually have many different benches placed in strategic locations throughout, and the same effect can be accomplished in an individual garden as well. Many people do not think about garden benches because everyone's life is so hurried and busy. People feel that they do not even have sufficient time to breathe, let alone sit and ponder in a garden for a minute. However, for health and sanity reasons, people do need to take a break every now and then to find a minute to clear their heads and relax. There is no better place than a garden to do this because the natural setting, the soft sounds, and the beauty that surrounds you can easily put you at ease and restore your energy and spirit so that you can finish your obligations for the rest of the day.

Thinking about Garden Benches

If you are thinking about adding garden benches to your own yard, garden, or landscape design, you need to first consider what it is that you really want. Look around at the design of your garden, or, if it is not yet finished, picture what it is you want the final product to look like. Think about where the visual focal points will be because this is where you want to direct attention. The best places for garden benches, then, will be in locations where it is easy to view these key visual points or where the gaze in that direction is natural and automatic.

Think about the size of your garden, as well, when considering benches. Will the benches be placed outside the garden around the edges or actually within it so that you are surrounded by the trees, flowers, and birds? Although the second option can create a dramatic effect, it is harder to achieve if you have limited space. The size of your garden will affect not only the number of garden benches you use but also the size of them. There is the traditional size that comfortably seats two to three adult people, but there are other smaller seating options that can be placed throughout the garden, as well.

Garden benches can be bought nearly anywhere that landscaping or garden supplies are sold, and they come in many different styles and materials. However, if you are a craftsperson and interested in making your own benches, it could really be a fun project. Plus, it has the added benefit of giving you the freedom to design exactly the type of bench that you want.

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