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Water Sources: Lion Head Fountains

Lion water fountains are impressive garden additions that can really make your garden stand out above the rest. When designing their gardens, people often look for ways to make their gardens distinctive and unique. Gardens are expressive of personal style, creativity and inspiration and therefore say a great deal about who created and designed them. Because gardening is such a detailed endeavor, there are an endless number of ways that a garden can be designed. Some people choose to focus only on flowers and plants, relying on the inherent beauty of nature to give the garden all that it needs. However, other people like to add other elements--such as lion water fountains, for example--into the garden, as well, combining items to create a stunning final effect.

Beauty of Lion Water Fountains

If you have ever noticed lion water fountains in a garden, you have undoubtedly been struck by their presence. Lions have a natural command of everything around them that speaks of power, authority and guardianship. They are quiet, watchful and slow-moving, except for when they need to strike suddenly. Given these characteristics, what could be a better guardian for your garden?

Lion water fountains are especially beautiful because they are simple yet also elaborate. They are simple because the main focus is the lion, and often just a lion head. However, they are elaborate in rich detail. The eyes, mane, ears, and every other part of the lion head is carefully carved or sculpted so that the fountain looks finely crafted and polished. Although the basic design of the lion head is somewhat consistent among different lion water fountains, the materials out of which the fountains are made can vary depending on exactly what you want. Stone, marble, ivory, and terra cotta are all popular choices that give the fountain a look that blends in perfectly with a beautiful garden.

Depending on how large of a lion water fountain you want, you have many different layouts and designs from which you can choose. Some of the more simpler varieties have the water spurting from the lion's mouth and landing in a pool of water just underneath the lion's head. Other fountains, however, may be tiered with different levels, allowing the water stream to land in one pool and then trickle over the edges in a number of places to create an umbrella or rain effect into lower pools. In addition to the natural peacefulness and energy suggested by the water, the sounds of the trickling streams and pools will create a calm atmosphere any garden lover is sure to enjoy.

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