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Decorative Possibilities for Birdhouses

Decorative birdhouses can spruce up any yard or garden by adding unique style and attracting a variety of birds to your home. Birdwatching is a very popular pastime enjoyed by many different kinds of people for diverse reasons. Small children love the thrill of seeing the birds up close, adults love the peacefulness associated with watching birds glide in and out of the birdhouses and listening to the beautiful bird songs, and serious birdwatchers like the challenge of identifying the different types and species of birds as they frequent the birdhouses. In addition to providing people with pleasure as the birds return again and again to the same yard, decorative birdhouses also serve a functional purpose by providing a safe, protected location for nest building and hatching eggs.

Options for Decorative Birdhouses

As far as decorative birdhouses go, there are many different options available. The word "decorative" itself can have a variety of meanings because what is viewed as decorative is really all a matter of personal style and taste. Some decorative birdhouses are really quite simple and understated, while others are more elaborate and ornate. Regardless of the degree of "decoration," as long as the birdhouse provides a home for birds and adds something to the garden, it can be designated a decorative birdhouse.

Popular decorative birdhouses include ones made out of gourds, ones resembling lighthouses, metal ones in the shape of pretty objects or nature elements, and ones that look like actual houses made out of wood or other materials. When looking for decorative birdhouses, be sure that the birdhouse will actually provide a good home for the bird. Some birdhouses are designed with more of a decorative than functional purpose in mind, and as a result are not really appropriate for birds living in them. The hole needs to be a certain size so that the birds can easily enter and exit but other animals are prevented from getting in. It is a good idea to buy decorative birdhouses from a bird-focused shop or company because then you can be sure that your birdhouse will be not only pretty for you to look at but also safe for the bird to live in.

Many people who enjoy crafts like to make their own decorative birdhouses. This can be done with any variety of materials, such as pieces of metal, wood, plastic, or recycled products that would have been thrown away otherwise. Again, if choosing to make your own birdhouse, be sure to consult with someone who has a knowledge of bird habits and needs so that your creation will be adequate housing for a bird.

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