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Birdhouses: Think Wooden

Wooden birdhouses are some of the most familiar birdhouse designs because they are so traditional and have been around for so long. Whether it is a simple wooden birdhouse or a more complex one, it is sure to attract many beautiful birds to your yard and give you hours of birdwatching pleasure. If you are interested in wooden birdhouses, there are many different possibilities and considerations. There is most certainly a wooden birdhouse that appeals to your specific tastes and style, so look around for one that you really like before you make a hasty purchase.

Options for Wooden Birdhouses

Wooden birdhouses are popular because they are so simple and durable. Before all the other varieties of birdhouses developed, wooden birdhouses were one of the only options. Before the arrival of specialized bird-watching stores, people constructed their own wooden birdhouses to add style to their yards and gardens and attract a variety of birds. Now, although there are many other kinds of birdhouses available, a great many birdwatchers still prefer the traditional style and charm of the wooden birdhouses. However, choices for wooden birdhouses are not as limited as in years past; there are many different kinds of wooden birdhouses from which you can choose.

When you are first considering a wooden birdhouse, decide whether you want to buy one or build one of your own. It is far easier to buy wooden birdhouses that are still made with care and precision, but it can also be a fun project to build your own birdhouse and know that birds will soon be living in your creation. If you are buying a birdhouse, ensure that the store that is selling the birdhouse actually understands the needs of birds. Be sure that the hole is properly sized and that the birdhouse is neither too large nor too small. Also, since birdhouses have to endure a wide range of weather conditions over the year, choose a birdhouse that has been weather-treated and is prepared to withstand the forces of nature.

If you are creative and prefer to build your own wooden birdhouses, do some research before you begin to ensure that your birdhouse will provide the birds with a safe and comfortable home. Depending on what kinds of birds you hope to attract, your birdhouse can be a variety of sizes. Ask birdhouse experts what types of wood are recommended and get advice about the placement and size of the birdhouse entrance hole. If you are careful and diligent in your construction, you should be able to build a beautiful birdhouse that will last for years and attract a plethora of birds.

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