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Lion Head Design in Fountains

Lion head fountains are popular decorative garden accessories in gardens around the world. Because there is so much variation among individual gardens, it is virtually impossible that any garden will ever be identical to another, unless it is specially planned. Each garden is completely customizable, able to reflect the unique personality and stylistic preferences of the creator. Gardeners can use the variety of plants and an assortment of garden decor elements to make their gardens into their own special creations, full of inspiration, creativity and beauty. Fountains are a very popular addition to gardens because of water and what it symbolizes. In addition to being a symbol of life and renewal, of the constant progression of the natural world, water also brings a certain serenity and peacefulness as the sounds of gentle bubbles and trickles permeate the natural quite and stillness of the garden atmosphere.

Beauty of Lion Head Fountains

Lion head fountains are only one of the many types of fountains from which garden designers can choose, but they are popular and beautiful additions. Lion head fountains have been around for many years, and the lion head has long been a symbol of strength and power. It has a powerful appearance and presence as it seemingly looks over the garden, protecting it and everything in it. Because the lion head is such an impressive and even ominous image, its presence in a garden can give the garden a more elegant and sophisticated feel.

Though the lion head will be a consistent part of any lion head fountain, there are many different varieties from which people can choose. Because the lion is such an impressive and powerful symbol, many lion head fountains are somewhat large with a presence of their own. They are usually made to look like stone, marble, ivory, or terra cotta and are made with natural colors that easily match the colors of the plants in a garden. Some lion head fountains are two- or three-tiered, allowing the water to trickle down many levels. Lion head fountains are usually made with very fine detail, so that they are beautiful to look at from any vantage point and have value as sculptures in addition to as fountains.

Lion head fountains are so popular that they can be found nearly anywhere garden decor is sold. The Internet is also a great place to look for lion head fountains because there are many online sellers that have an extensive selection and very reasonable or bargain prices.

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