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Garden Serenity: Think Cherubs

Whether it is garden cherubs, sophisticated arches, fountains, or decorative stones, the items you choose to use in your garden help create the overall effect and appearance. Gardening is a great outlet for expressive creativity because it involves bringing together many different elements to create a beautiful, unified whole. Different varieties, colors, shapes, and sizes of flowers are chosen to complement each other. Other elements, such as stones or birdfeeders, are added to give the garden another dimension. Maintaining or creating a garden is an ongoing project that gives the gardener nearly complete control over how the final product turns out. A gardener's own unique style preferences and personality can be very influential in landscaping and garden design, so every garden tells a story about its creator.

Garden Cherubs Add Style

Many people view gardens as a spiritual place, so it makes sense that they would look for garden cherubs to help create that kind of feeling. Garden cherubs are popular for many different reasons. First of all, they are cute because they are tiny angels, usually white or gray, and they easily blend in with the surrounding elements of the garden. Second, they remind people of a spiritual force in the world, something or someone that has greater control and directs the path of the world. Third, angels are often viewed as "watching over" people, so their replicas in a garden help create serenity and peacefulness.

Garden cherubs are often seen as small statues throughout a garden. They are commonly made of marble or some other type of stone that is very solid and weatherproof. Some garden cherubs are small, attracting little attention, while others are much larger, serving almost as focal points.

If you are interested in including garden cherubs in your garden design, there are many different options. Some garden cherubs are designed to be functional in addition to being pretty. There are birdbaths and birdhouses that look like garden cherubs, and these can help unite the stone, non-living qualities of the cherubs with the living, moving qualities of birds and water. If movement is a big part of your garden, consider garden cherubs that are fountains. In some cases, the cherubs will be spurting water from their mouths, playing in a water shower, or splashing a stream of water. Garden cherubs can be ordered online or found at many different stores that offer garden decor and supplies. Look around and see what you like and then start creating your own garden.

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