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Statues Add New Dimension to Garden

Garden statues are popular decorative accessories in gardens around the world. Many people love gardening and spend many hours working in their gardens because it is a form of self-expression and inspiration. Regardless of the specific elements involved, each garden is a unique, distinct creation: there are no two gardens that are exactly the same. Because there are so many different ways to design and decorate a garden, it is easy to "customize" it according to your own personal style. Some people prefer to have only flowers and plants in their gardens, while others choose to add an assortment of accessories, such as benches, birdhouses, birdbaths, lanterns, garden statues, etc.

Garden Statues are Beautiful Accents

When a gardener decides to include garden statues in his or her garden, there are still many decisions yet to be made. The choices of garden statues are almost endless. In most cases, the garden statues that are appropriate depend on the design of the garden. The size of the garden will impact the size of statue that is best, and the layout of the garden will influence the arrangement and placement of the statues. The choice of plants and the overall look that is created will also affect what types of garden statues will look best in the garden to maintain a consistent style.

If you have a large garden that is somewhat formally designed, you may want to place a large garden statue somewhere in the center of your garden as a focal point. These kinds of central statues are often more ornate or formal that other kinds because they are the central point of the garden. They may be only statues that have no other function or purpose, or they might be impressive fountains or birdbaths. Ivory or antique-gray are common colors.

Although it would be nice to have such a large, impressive garden, it is more common for people to have smaller, simpler gardens that serve as accents instead of focal points. In these smaller gardens, it is common to find small garden statues placed throughout, sometimes almost hiding under some of the flowers and plants. Cherubs, gnomes, small children, and birds are all common statue subjects. Some will be colorful and vivid, while others are more subdued and subtle. Whatever kind of garden statues you ultimately choose, you are sure to be pleased with the result. Garden statues can add a new decorative dimension to an already beautiful garden, increasing your enjoyment and pleasure.

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