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Birdfeeders and Design: Decorative or Simple?

For people who love birdwatching, decorative birdfeeders can be a real treat. Birds are a part of nature that consistently attracts the attention of a range of people--from small children to busy adults to the elderly. There is so much diversity that can be seen while birdwatching that it is always a surprise what will appear next. The colors, the movement, the sizes, the songs, and the interaction between them--all of these things are beautiful and engaging to watch.

Although birds can seen flying through the air or searching for food nearly anywhere, there are some places to which they are more attracted. Birds learn where food is plentiful and as a result will return repeatedly to yards or houses that consistently have full birdfeeders. Therefore, if you are looking to attract beautiful birds, a decorative birdfeeder is exactly what you need.

Decorative Birdfeeders for Gardens

Many people think that the best birdfeeders--the ones that will attract many different birds--are the ones that look natural and are simply made, not the decorative birdfeeders. However, this is not the case. If you are interested in building a bird sanctuary in your own backyard or garden, you undoubtedly want to create a beautiful, peaceful setting. Striking colors, reflective glass, intricate designs, and diverse materials can all increase the beauty and overall effect of your setting, and, contrary to the opinions of some, decorative birdfeeders will not prevent birds from coming.

There are actually quite a few different options concerning decorative birdfeeders. Although decorative feeders are just as useful in attracting birds as utilitarian feeders, it is important to look for feeders that are designed with that particular function in mind and not designed simply as decorative elements. Be sure that sufficient food can be held in the feeder, that the birds have easy access to it, and that there is possibly even a ledge or perch for the birds to rest on while they eat.

Some of the most popular decorative birdfeeders are ones made from stained glass. These feeders are often more colorful and vibrant than others due to the coloring of the stained glass and the way they light reflects on them. They are very weather resistent because the colors of the stained glass will never fade, regardless of how much strong sunlight they endure. Water or wind are also no problem. Other beautiful decorative feeders include ones designed as lighthouses, wrought-iron birdcages, and copper birdfeeders.

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