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Garden Lighting: Lanterns

Garden lanterns are a great decorative addition to any garden, yard, or patio. Gardens are well-loved by people everywhere because of the relaxation, peace, and enjoyment that they bring. There is nothing quite like looking out your window to see a beautiful garden or sitting on your porch in the morning drinking your coffee in calm serenity. Gardens are also great for social gatherings and events. They provide the perfect setting for summer barbeques and parties, being a great backdrop for all the festivities. However, not all gardens are equally appealing, and there are ways that you can enhance the beauty of your garden and give it a more welcoming and peaceful feel. Fact Expert can offer you some suggestions about how to use garden lanterns to add some excitment and decorative flair to your garden.

Possibilities for Garden Lanterns

If you are thinking about adding some garden lanterns to your garden, there are many different options from which you can choose. For some people, their idea of garden lanterns is to use them as merely a subtle accent. If this is the effect that you are looking for, consider lining the edges of your walkways, driveway, or flower beds with small lights that are stuck into the ground. These lights can help illuminate walkways during the nights and also add gentle sophistication to any home.

Other people may prefer that their garden lanterns are more noticeable, choosing lanterns that have character and distinct decorative appeal. If the main area of your garden is located near your house, you have the option of mounting the garden lanterns to the sides of your house. If your garden is farther away, however, it is probably better to consider lanterns on poles that you can place anywhere. There are some varieties that are simply made with a light on top of a pole, while others are hanging lanterns that hang on poles.

It is easy to express your personal style in the choice of your garden lanterns because there are so many different options. There are many modern styles that are sleek, streamlined, and sophisticated, but there are also many different varieties of antique-looking lanterns that are reminiscent of years and times long past. If you are more creative than the average gardener and want to give your garden lanterns a personal touch, consider making them yourself. With some guidance and the right materials, it can be easier than you think to make unique lanterns that can really improve the appearance of your garden.

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